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on the scene we'll get this latest from national transportation safety board in a live interview later this morning so stay tuned for that in while we can tell you that authorities are still searching for three people dead or missing have not been accounted for. four people have been confirmed killed 37 homes destroyed, 19, suffered damage they remain unoccupied this morning. more than 320 other homes have been cleared for families to return if federal authorities are searching for clues as to what caused the explosion at this point they have drawn no conclusions they're still looking at how to prevent this happening in the future. >> concrete slabs the size of pizza boxes still litter the sidewalks jones the pavement as big as basketball's sit in people's front yard. investigators say they're trying to determine if there is a catastrophic flfailure or was it a small leak. >> if it failed catastrophically the means it's unlikely that there be a gas well. pekingeses reviewed the last nine days of service calls and have not found any reports falling abroad as well but investigators they
that they can understand what national transportation safety board will be national transportation safety board doingsafety has one function save the administration has another, public utility commission has another role. >> and that can be frustrating because it one of the same thing how could this happen? and what is being done. >> the national transportation safety board takes the lead they are doing the investigation. they are the scsi in this process they will find out what happened. the cpb has the authority to regulate pg&e so they will come in and based on what national transportation safety board recommends will take steps. the pipeline hazardous material t develops regulations on a federal level. so they may change right modulations nationwide as it to a pipeline. >> where are we in the investigation of smelling gas? people say that they smelled gas for one-to-three weeks. >> the ntsb has required pg any provide the data the information for at least a month before the incident to see how many if there reports how many and what actions were taken. >> it seems like that should be someth
. >> the investigation into the standard of gas line explosion the national transportation safety board has rowboat is one possible cause to the explosion investors say that pipes or land underneath the gas line did not contribute to the blast. investigators are looking at documents, visiting control and monitoring sites also looking of balls that have been preserved for evidence as well as conducting interviews records are also being checked to determine whether or not recent quake activity had anything to do that line. as reported there was a meeting last night were residents heard from officials and had the chance to ask their own questions. >> in san bruno federal investigators and local officials try and answer more questions from residents with another meeting held on monday evening. now we have learned that fema is on site in san for now they're down their initial investigation which could lead to federal dollars coming in if san bruno is declared a federal disaster site there will also questions asked about people's homes weather not they wanted to rebuild pg&e is entertaining all sorts of
of the national transportation safety board, federal regulators just approached the podium and just begun speaking. >> the purpose of the national transportation board and the reason we're here today is a federal agency to investigate transportation accidents of all types and then determine what caused those accidents and then make recommendations to try to prevent the accidents from occurring again. that is our purpose. that is what we're here for today. before i begin i would like to express on behalf of the ntsb condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy. leading the investigation is our investigator in charge, who is standing beside me. chattre. he has over 30 years of experience in pipelines. i'm a little bit short on information to provide to you because today was our first full day of investigation and we have not had the progress heating, the meeting in which i hear from all of the groups what they have accomplished. i can give you briefly what i understand has occurred so far. before i do that, i would like to emphasize it is very important in this process that
to determine why that line ruptured. the national transportation safety board began shipping some of the evidence back to washington, d.c. for analysis. alan wang has more of the efforts to find out how this happened. alan? >> carolyn, behind me is the police command center and pg&e crews are working around the clock to fix the pipeline. the national transportation safety board investigates the movement vessels and material. the natural gas is the material. in the dayses ahead we will hear more about line 132, the gas line that blew up. and today we were given a peek in the investigation. ntsb investigators are turning their attention to the anatomy of the explosion. the pipe was carefully removed today. the answers could lie in the torn metal at ground zero measuring half the length of a football field. >> we don't know at this point whether there was a well failure, impact from previous construction. >> but investigators are very interested in hearing from people who can tell them when and where they smelled gas prior to the explosion. >> have we been able to confirm rumors clai
? >> the national transportation safety board is the federal agency responsible for investigating natural pipeline incidents. and they are expected to be on-site today. the ntfc will lead a comprehensive investigation, will be the principal source of information about the investigation as it progresses. but i want to mention, obviously there are a lot of questions that need to be answered but i would be remiss if i didn't mention that all 20,000 employees of pg&e, that our thoughts go out to those of that been so terribly affected by yesterday's terrible tragedy. >> pg&e's jeff smith, thank you so much for talking with us this morning. >> at the time, of course, the on and off-ramps -- all the off-ramps are open. avoid the area if you can. skyline boulevard is open as well. but the streets still closed in the area of claremont drive and glenview drive and that's the neighborhood you need to avoid. you notice the freeway at this point. let's check out the live picture from sky 7 hd where you can still see the smoke. it may be visible for drivers on the freeway, especially once the sun comes up late
interview with the national transportation safety board as far as the investigation goes they are asking the public for help still they took back the key parts of the pipe to washington now comes talking to witnesses. they're talking to anybody who might of small gas in the moments before the gas line exploded. they have received 90 e-mail's and to the agency 89 of those ranging from you're doing a good job one of those e-mail's came from a woman who smelled gas but according to christopher the spokesman says she's all that two-three weeks ago. they are looking for somebody moments before the guests unexploded. if you are one of those people call the authorities. they are doing work in milpitas. christopher is talking about that. >> there's a commonality that monitoring of his stations will have the records of the event and time proceeding even so we can see if there's anything there that will help us determine the >> cause> those records could say i lost pressure in taipei maybe there's a leak or maybe not. >> that is correct. >> that led to milpitas because p janney has a plant there t
is work that has been recommended by the national transportation safety board after last years fatal metro crash. five stations will be closed this weekend. tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. they will be closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. there will be a shuttle service running. if you want to use that shuttle service it is advised to add 40 minutes to your travel time. alternatives would be western portions of the red line, the montgomery county ride-on bus that connections the eastern and western portions of the red line. they will be replacing 500 feet of track and adding a safety light. one of the largest republican ovations. -- renovations. it is tonight until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. abc 7 news. ok, ben, thanks for that update and the heads up. facebook has a new tool to protect your privacy and more competition for the ipad. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> in today's tech bites, the latest computer has made its debut. the samsung galaxy is available in italy. it has a cellular connection. it is expected to come to the u.s. after samsung works
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a collision that left nine dead. that's the word from the national transportation safety board. >> they have done a lot of learning in the last year plus. and i think always every organization is going to go through a difficult time after an accident. the question is how you react to that accident and what changes you make. and i believe that the metro board was very willing to listen to the safety board after our report was concluded. they have taken many of those lessons to heart. and i think they're beginning to make many improvements that have been long overdue. >> reporter: in an update to members of congress, the ntsb said metro has implemented more than a dozen of the safety recommendations. the anemic safety culture set the stage for the crash. metro has filled a dozen vacancies and jobs related. and set up a hotline where workers can anonymously report safety problems. metro is moving forward to replace the 1000 series cars, new cars will hit the system in about 2013. >> reporter: the interim maner agrees metro is safer now than a year ago but says there's still a long way to go. eu
. the national transportation safety board expects to release a preliminary report in five to ten days. a final report will take six to nine months. >>> state workers will have another chance to get governor schwarzenegger's furlough program tossed out this week. the supreme court -- state supreme court will hearing arguments on three lawsuits challenging the governor's power to order workers to take unpaid days off. the governor is trying to save the state more than a billion dollars. workers though say it violates their union contracts. the courts ruling not expected for several months. the former hewlett-packard ceo fired after he was accused of sexual harassment could soon have a new job. the "wall street journal" reporting mark herd is in tox with oracle. larry ellison, the ceo of oracle is a friend of herd's and came to his defense in the wake of the scandal. ellison isn't going anywhere though so the top job at oracle is not available. labor day. elizabeth has the day off today. >> yeah. but they actually entrusted traffic to us on labor day. >> look at what we've we're dealing with. >>
seriously damaged. the team from the national transportation safety board arrived to investigate and they held a briefing less than an hour ago. >> what at mazing destruction, the charred trees is an area that was flattened. the melted, charred cars and houses that disappeared is just amazing. >> that is from the ntbs. >> and an insurance industry group predicted total damage to the homes in the neighborhood will reach tens of millions of dollars. there is the fire was declared 100% conthaind afternoon but many houses are still hot for firefighters to go into. >> i think previous two press kons frens have been rather disaing for a lot of people here and member of the press. we're trying to look for more information as to the cause of the explosion. we're not getting it. and this morning, a police chief says, until we can determine what caused this explosion, he says we're protecting the area like a crime scene. so that could mean it will take time. the lieutenant governor says he wanted to assure neighbors they're doing, moving quickly sorry about that ef, to determine the cause.
. the national transportation safety board is also investigating the crash. family members were breathing sighs of relief last night. some were released. >> video like this of the children injured in today's bus crash sent family members rushing into suburban hospitals to check on their loved ones. eight of the 12 injured came here. >> it was very scary. we are glad that they are safe. >> signs of relief. the fund is of the survivors was setting family and nurses before going home we watch as four children left a hospital. these three kids are assembling a. their ages 11 and 12. >> it could have been a whole lot worse. they went to the national zoo without -- and least one adult. >> at the hospital also treated them for them -- treated them. >> the things that stand out about this accident is that the fall seems pretty significant. i'm surprised there and not more severe injuries. moving and storage driver was in rush hour traffic behind the tour bus. the bus crash. they pulled four children from the wreckage. >> there was the window. a ticket from a hand in a bid to the other people. >> they a
to fix problems pointed out by the national transportation safety board after a crash last year. and new traffic patterns on route 7 starting tuesday. experienced drivers might feel a difference. the one-mile stretch between the dulles toll road and 123 has changed. there are fewer places where left turns are allowed. the district will now have a new supermarket. a groundbreaking will be held. the supermarket will be built in northeast washington and the 900 block of 17th street. the store will be completed in the spring of next year. still ahead on "washington weekly, we have learned that steven slater is no longer working for jetblue. >>> i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. it looks like an absolute beautiful day. it looks like an absolute beautiful day. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ♪ with every age
over 50 me. vice chairman of the national transportation safety board christopher hart was astonished by the devastation. >> there was a section of the pipe that was blown out of the hole and on the street that reflects the enormity of the explosion that took place. the charred trees, the area that was completely flattened, the melted, charred cars and houses that disappeared. it was just an amazing scene of destruction. >> nbc's leanne gregg is in san uno, california, and she's seen some of this destruction, which is just incredible by the pictures. good morning, leanne. >> reporter: good morning, alex. you know, as the neighborhood continues to smolder, the focus now is on the investigatn led by the national transportation safety board. they'll be back on the scene later this morning. but they say the final report won't come for another 14 to 18 months. this is what's left of a neighborhood in san bruno, california, not far from the san francisco international airport. 167 homes destroyed or damagedpe 15 acres charred, four people confirmed dead. hell on earth, that's how some descr
. it was recommended by the national transportation safety board after last year's fatal crash. but others were not convinced there would be safer either way. >> there will be no results, but they are still asking for more money, more money, more money. every time i go to the station, i see escalators broke down. >> it will add more than 40 minutes to the total travel time and also complicate things for people with disabilities. this meant this with this ruple policy and worries about being able to find -- this man has cerebral palsy and worries about being able to find the right shuttle. the last station i wanted to mention was wheaton. all of these will be back up and running on tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. >> no labor day break for some virginia dmv employees. the agency will be open on monday on the holiday. they are trying to catch up on the backlog of cars licenses but on hold because of a computer -- driver's licenses put on hold because of a computer glitch gov. bob mcdonnell has ordered an independent review of the situation. law enforcement officers in six states are working together
transportation safety board are coming down from seattle. once they come down the will try to figure out the cause of this air crash. the same people tried to rescue some of these victims and the a flea swim out in the water. and some were coming out and kayaks the four year-old woman and by the time she was out there? there were too late, and with sewage contamination recently, it is causing a challenge in of investigation. with three dead, and the owner of the r a steal. and craig sklar, kron 4 news. >> greg, here on google earth let us take this image. this is the san carlos airport where the air por witplane took off for te fourth opm and this is near the headquarters and was only in the air for only 30 seconds. the distance between the crash site in the airport is only 1 mi.. and this area it is where the planes take off from the san carlos airport easily take a 90 degree turn. >> outside, a walnut creek camera and the headlights northbound. you can see they're moving pretty well, and the other direction is moving slowly. the bay bridge toll plaza, east on, westbound, are both movin
the national transportation safety board and that is heading up this investigation on the ground. in the san bruno. there has been three full days of investigations at this point. investigators said yesterday that they plan on being here for at least one more day. the big revelation they told us about, yesterday was that the investigators have not been able to confirm reports that people in the neighborhood smelled gas prior to the explosion and reported it. they said they checked with local authorities, and pg&e and car unable to confirm the smell of gas before the blast. >> also, investigators with help in that collecting evidence. they want people to contact attacked them at san bruno ntsb .com with cellphone video, surveillance video anything that anybody might notice that it was out of the ordinary. perhaps one thing that was a bit out of the ordinary was dead vegetation and there yard. that usually means that there is a gas leak. they are asking people to contact them because they're trying to get as much evidence possible to try to determine what has cost this blast. >> as of yesterda
. we do know the national transportation safety board is heading to the slain to decide if it -- scene to decide if they will investigate. it's very congested. we're on 270 north now. it's a crowd moving at five, 10 miles an hour. denise, back to you. >> thank you. our complete coverage of the bus crash continues with captain mike perry. he's above the scene. mike? >> reporter: you can see a k9 dog from the montgomery county police department has been searching the hillside. they still want to make sure that no one was ejected from this bus as it rolled down the hill. montgomery county firefighters still remaining on the scene. about a half a dozen of fire a rat tups and their command post are here. you can get by on 495 to 270, you can do that but it will be very slow going. they have shut down from the inner loop to get on 270 heading towards frederick. there's no good way to do it. the old georgetown road and swing around and go up to 270, but that's the way to go around the inner loop. grid lock in the entire bethesda area. back to you. >> thank you. as you said, wjz will continue
about $100,000. >>> still to come on news 4, the national transportation safety board takes over the investigation into a pipeline explosion and gives its first update tonight. >>> doug will be along in a few minutes with the weather forecast. >>> later on we'll get you ready for the redskins opener with a look at the new finding what you love makes you happy... saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get 15% off all kenmore appliances and an extra 5% with your sears card. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade in program. sears. >>> the flames shot 60 feet in the air more than 30 houses were torched. four people were killed. tonight some houses in san bruno, california, are still too hot to search. the cause of it all, a pipeline explosion. now the national transportation safety board has t
to sacramento and stored until national transportation safety board arrives. >> and this female passenger has been identified. her body pulled out yesterday afternoon. she's a 47-year-old from daily city. as this stands now they're removing bodies from the wreckage once the bodies are removed they'll put the plane on to a flat bed truck. as you heard the sargeant say the ntsb investigators will review nefdz a warehouse in sacramento. that is the latest from redwood shores vic lee abc 7 news. >> and this is a long process. the tale of yet another pilot is as a maizing. a helicopter crash on highway 01 just south of downtown salinas. the pilot survived and may owe his life to a quick-thinking big rig driver. >> the helicopter had just taken off at 6:00 a.m. ai. crash in the southbound lanes of highway 101. witnesses said the wears shrouded in fog. john sargenti came upon the wreckage. the pilot a 62-year-old just unfastened his seat belt and fell on to the pavement. >> i asked if he's okay. and i said i'm fine. he had blood coming out of the side of the face. his fingers were bleeding. at that
transportation safety board has sent what's called a go-team to help investigate what caused the explosion. >> here's a live picture from above the devastation. you can see that crater, the 15 foot crater caused by an explosion now filled with water. overhead showing a smoky scene. firefighters still putting water on hot spots and account for missing people. live in san bruno avenue. terry, so many people not sure what happened to their homes. >> they're not sure. when you take a look at the epicenter thereof that 15 foot crater in the middle of all there where the natural gas explosion occurred, you get an idea how sudden it was, how strong it was. people had to leave their homes immediately. here is the incident command center. you've got firefighters from a number of jurisdictions, police as well, ambulances standing by just in case. now, take a look at video from a short time ago. cadaver dogs searching the wreckage for more victims. and there are more who don't know if their house is still standing. somewhere in this picture is where the picari family hones a home but don't know if it
&e and in their investigation. national transportation safety board here in san bruno said on sunday it removed three pieces of type a large 28 ft. section that was blown out from underneath the street. plus two other sections that will transport to washington d.c. for further inspection. investigators do not know what caused the blast they are asking people to give them any information that will help them determine what happened. they ask people to sell it send in cellphone video, businesses to send in surveillance video, anyone with any information to e-mail them at san they stress the importance of anyone who reported the smell of gas in san bruno leading up to the blast to contact them. they have heard the reports and rumors that people made the report to pg&e or other authorities said they smelled gas prior to the blast. investigators say they have not been able to substantiate those claims. reporting in san bruno kron 4 news. >> this is the view from the neighborhood 45 minutes ago that box holds that pipe that blue 100 ft. into the air. it is being shipped to washington d.c. for investigati
got finished speaking with the national transportation safety board and one person said they smelled gas but that was a couple of weeks before the explosion. they are going around now trying to find a nail in the haystack. try and find somebody who smelled gas in the moments before the explosion took place. they may never find that person. if you are one of those people give them a call because that is a key component. it is happening here on glenview drive. the command center behind me. they're driving over to milpitas station where they pomp gas to sambar neighborhood where the gas line exploded. they're going through paperwork or they're similar to a black box in milpitas which should tell them if they lost any pressure in the pipe before it exploded. they have to talk to people who walked were at that plant as well as those three documents. maybe that will reveal answers. in might not even be a leak in may be something they're ruptured right then and there like a pretzel snapping. lots of scenarios they have to go through. they are asking people give them help. along with the pip
under water at least through tomorrow. will the national transportation safety board will have an investigation and some new black she tried t they did no have a d summer election tried to perform a rescue effort half some people like to try to rescue. >> and a look and our temperatures with cooler weather. this labor day will be looking like a little bit warmer than sunday but a dramatic cool off on tuesday ♪ >> role of this week, fox affiliate in sacramento crosse broadcast in medical marijuana of this country and kimberly sakamoto. >> yes, the ad was paid for by sacramento based cannicare >> i've been a patient for five- six years. and i've been 11 months-one year-five months. >> two different ruptured disc. >> diagnosed for bone disease. >> muscle spasms. >> hit by a drunk driver. >> cancer survivor. >> change my life in lot. that i can get on with the daily routine. >> i love it is like being part of the family. >> they give me a way of life. a week to live. >> notice that marijuana is not used and instead is referred to as a cannabis. to read more all about us www.kron.
for anyone else that may have died in the fire. the national transportation safety board will be on the san joaquin to investigate. that is charged with investigating all natural gas line explosions in the united states. elementary schools schools will be closed but capuchino high school will be open. there is an emergency shelter set up for evacuees from the explosion. julie watts just happened upon the fire shortly after that explosion last night. she joins us now from the emergency shelter this morning. good morning, julie. >> reporter: good morning, john. yeah, i'm here with jim mallory from the american red cross. we are at this emergency shelter. this is the primary shelter where people have been coming. tell us -- i know there are a lot of supplies, a lot of food and volunteers but you're saying you're asking people to really slow down and go to the website and donate money not come in with supplies. >> we always rely on financial donation as well as blood donations for the work that we do because we don't get any government subsidies. we are a volunteer organization. so that's reall
. the national transportation safety board is now leading the investigation into that pipeline explosion that wiped out a san bruno neighborhood. and this morning, we're learning more about the lives lost in the fire. here's what we now know. four people are confirmed dead. 52 people were injured in the disaster. 37 homes have been completely destroyed. ann macks is vic is in san bruno this morning, where senator barbara boxer will be among those getting a briefing at the incident command this morning. good morning, ann. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting more political appearances, more investigation, and a big town hall meeting this afternoon. here's the rundown of today's events. 59:15 this morning, lieutenant governor and senator barbara boxer will make an appearance here at the incident command center. at 1:00 this afternoon, mailed nad dough will visit san francisco general hospital to deliver condolences to burn victim families. then at 2:00 p.m. a town hall meeting at st. roberts catholic church at 1380 crystal springs road. organizers say that is going to be the first s
scrambles to get out of the building. >>> the national transportation safety board is heading up the investigation into the explosion. and it says it's now focusing on documents relate to the pipeline that blew up. anne makovec is in san bruno explaining what cbs 5 has learned about the pipeline problems. good morning. >>> reporter: so many questions about what led up to this explosion. some new documents from the regulatory agency. the investigation continues at the scene. i'm live on claremont. you can see it here behind me. a lot of questions coming out this morning about how risky the pipeline was and maybe still is and could anything have been done to minimize the devastation we saw. now, at a town hall meeting last night, at the church of the highlands in san bruno, pg&e touted its plan to spend as much as $100 million to help rebuild the neighborhood where 37 homes were destroyed, eight others badly damaged in the gas line explosion thursday night. a lot of questions about what caused this. and pg&e's response to it. one resident asked why it took almost two hours for them
according to the national transportation safety board. now, the board chairman testified from a congressional overnight committee. just months ago the ntsb said they had an a peoplic safety culture which set the stage for the crash. the ntsb gives credit for making progress. the system implemented a dozen safety recommendations since the crash. >> they have done a lot of learning in the last year plus. and i think always every organization is going to go thugh a difficult time after an accident. the question is how you react to that accident and what changes you make and i believe that the metro board was very willing to liste to the safety board after our report was concluded. they have taken man of those lessons to heart. and i think they're beginning to make many improvements that have been long overdue. >> reporter: and that includes putting a new and experienced saty officer in place. that safety officers reports to theanager. they have filled 12 vacancies and jobs. you can call and anonymously report safety proems. metro is moving forward to replace the 1000 series cars,
months tag national transportation safety board blasted metro for a safety culture. now the ntsb has praise for the transit agency and the gains they've made in the last year. metro has made significant safety improvements in the year following a collision that left ni dead. that's the word from the national transportation safety board. >> they have done a lot of learning in the last year plus. and that i believe the metro board was very willing to listen to the safety board of a our report was concluded. and they have taken many of those lessons to heart. and i think that they're beginning to make many improvements that have been long overdue. >> reporter: in an update to members of congress, the ntsb said metro has implemented more than a dozen of the board safety recommendations. and it is moving in the right diction. just a few months ago, the ntsb said metro's anemic safety culture helped set the stage for the crash. improvements include putting a new and experienced safety officer in place. that safety officer reports directly to the general mager. metro has also fill a dozen v
and e runs the electric and gas there. it is my underand iting that the national transportation safety board is investigating this. people probably know them from investigating train wrecks and airplane crashes but this isn't so unusual for them. >> no. along with plane crashes the national transportation safety board is also the agency in charge of investigating natural gas pipeline accidents. like the accident i mentioned in sacramento on christmas eve in 2008 when they found that pg and e was responsible because it used the wrong pipes in a repair job four years earlier. a team is here leading the federal investigation into the tragedy to try to determine what went wrong and who is to blame. >> shepard: claudia cowen live on scene for us. thank you very much. we are waiting this news conference to begin. we were led to believe it would happen at noon pacific time, 3:00 eastern and they are running a few minutes late. we are hoping to get a number of facts together from the news conference when it begins shortly. meantime, trace gallagher in the west coast news hub, this was beginnin
transportation safety board is the federal agency investigating natural gas pipeilne accidents - and, it's still unclear whether or not pacific gas and electric is at fault for the explosion. te hgovernment just reported friday stock piles of wheat around the world will be 1.7% larger than forecast in august.while that bit of news from the most recent crop report isn't exactly likely to make or break your day... we met up with a lady who is taking a hands on approach to the commodities market.she grew up in a rural community in ohio and recalls listening to the farm report as a, sarah kavage remains fascinated with the commodities market. so much so, that she bought a futures contract at the chicago board of trade. and because that wasn't enough of a hands on experience, she decided to take delivery of 20 tons of wheat kavage had the wheat milled into flour and stores it in a warehouse."most of it's in 50 pound bags but we also did some more commerative style "surrounded by thousands of pounds of flour i couldn't help but ask...why would anyone want to do this? "well i don't kno
. crews have search and rescue dogs going through the rubble looking for them. the national transportation safety board is still investigating why the pacific gas and electric pipeline exploded. >> a 28-foot section of 30-inch pipe. we are, as we speak, crating it up, putting it in a crate because the investigators decided that needs to go back to the metallurgy labs in washington. >> regulators ordered pacific gas and electric to examine all of its pipes. >>> just as they were making progress in one in boulder, 35 miles east in loveland, fires prompted evacuations. at least two buildings have been destroyed. so far no reported injuries. fire crews are uncertain as to how this second fire started. >>> the atlantic is once again brewing. there are now two named storms building strength in the open ocean. hurricane igor is a category 4 with winds up to 150 miles per hour. it could reach category 5 status later this week. following closely behind is tropical storm julia. julia was upgraded this weekend. it is unclear whether either storm will be a threat to land. >>> our time just about 4:51.
highway spending. in richmond. >>> the first congressional hearing on the national transportation safety board board's reports concerning the deadly 2009 metro rail collision was held today and officials testified. eleanor holmes norton talked about the interests. 9 people died and dozens more were injured in the crash last year. >>> and in d.c., a break in the investigation into the murder of a college waiter and stud -- college student and waiter. they believe it was a 16-year- old gang member trying to rob the guy. the scene of the murder, and paul wagner is live with what they had to say. >> reporter: in the last hour, were able to read the affidavit, and it's described as a vicious crime is. they're saying eric foreman was 16 years old when he encountered neil gillespie and that he tried to rob him and foreman walked up to him and pumped more bullets into him and we asked the chief about the crime. >> not that there is not a homicide that 6 tramly dishing -- disturbing and vicious, i would have to agree the circumstances in this case are more disturbing. >> reporter: neil gillespie
. >>reporter: firecrews work to make the area safe again. the national transportation safety board is look notting to the cause. >> when we make factual determinations we put them in the public docket. we try o keep the public informed about the facts we discovered as we discover them. p> a less-sophisticated attack more frequently can have as bifg a bang for less buck than a real spectacular attack. >> they're worried about american-borne terrorists. >> that rain not exactly bad news. we could ertainly use it. we've bben very dry. the tonight and early tomorrow morning. here in ballimore probably as you're waking up you'll start tt see that wee weather in the morning staying with us through the afternoon tomorrow and temmeraturesswill be very comfortable as we head ii towards the overnight ouus as well dropppng down in to the low 60s as we cloud up and see rain showers move in overright.1 i'll haae moreeon hhw loog the rain will last coming up in my full forecast. >>> you can track the rain showers for yourself to see when they'll be over your house. go to foxbaltimore.c foxbalti
, it has become a federal investigation. the team met from the national transportation safety board arrived. they will look at the condition of the bus, the condition of the roadway, and the drivers medical history. the driver has been identified as a 66 year-old joseph a. clabaugh from hanovrer, pennsylvania. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he is the only fatality. when you see the video, you'll find that fact amazing. in the moments after the crash, rescue crews scrambled to tend to the wounded, most of whom were children. for those who rushed to help, that made it were. >> everybody was saying, get the kids up. i helped the first girl -- i held her. they were crying and bleeding. >> there were couple in shock. it was pretty bad. >> pamela was among the first to arrive on scene. she had been driving north when the bus nearly rolled into her path. >> i saw a big white man's come down over the overpass. it careened over. >> what the passengers told her is that they were from carlisle, pennsylvania, and had been on a trip to washington to the zoo and to the smithsonian. seconds before t
transportation safety board wants the faa to change that. >> in my seat belt with me, and i could wrap my arms around him in figure happened. >> if the plane goes down, i don't think it's going to be a big deal. >> the faa has always said a rule change could force more parents to drive instead of fly. transportation experts say statistically driving is not as safe as flying. >>> are you telling us everything? no. it's going to cost you more for that morning jolt of coffee. increased demand and two rough growing seasons pushed coffee prices up. they are about $1.90 a pound, a 13-year high, 41% hike since june. >> burger king is adding nine new items including pancakes and blueberry biscuits to cut into mcdonald's business. we'll have to see whether that works. >>> a wind-driven fire is getting bigger. >> land scorched, houses destroyed, people forced to flee. >> a stolen car hits a mother and two children, it's caught on tape. >> let's head over to the m.t.a. to see how the traffic is moving this morning with the m.t.a. >> good morning. looking good on the rails. no delays on the penn, camden o
toddlers 2 and younger to sit on an adults' lap is now under scrutiny. the national transportation safety board is now asking the faa to require children under 2 to be in a separate seat when they fly. >> in my seat belt with me and i can wrap my arms around him if anything did happen. >> if the plane goes down, whether they are in a seat or your lap i don't think it will be a big deal. >> the faa has always said a rule could change and force more parents to drive. transportation experts say statistically driving is not as safe as flying. >>> hartz mountain corporation pet product company issued a voluntarily recall of 75,000 bags of dog treats due to salmonella concerns. they were found in more than 8 -- -ounce bags of naturals dog treats. >>> "the view" co-host barbara walters says she's fine after heart surgery and practically has no scar at all. she got a warm welcome today as she returned to duty after taking the summer off to recover. she had surgery in may. david letterman added to the celebration. the late show host had open heart surgery a decade ago be a they compared notes -- a
safer than the system was last year according to the chairman of the national transportation safety board. debra hersman testified before a conal oversight committe today. metro has mde a lot of progress, and started more than a dozen of ntsb's recommendations. we have a long way to go. nine people died and dozens more injured in a crash in june 2009. >> d.c. school's chancellor had a meeting with d.c. council chair, vincent gray. their first meeting since gray won the democratic primary in the race for mayor. both have acknowledged their differences on education reform there are reports tonight that educational secretary arndie duncan is pushing to keep reed in d.c. but officials in north ne jersey are trying to get her to run the sool system there. after today's meeting, council chair gray offered few details. >> chancellor reed staying or going. the state of education in the city. and we'll leave it there. >> gray said he and reed will meet again sometime before the general election in november. >>> still ahead, new restrictions set on the popular diabetes drugavandia. >>> starbu
: metro will make safety improvement ts recommended by the national transportation safety board including track switches. >> you track out both directions, take it out, put a new switch in. it is like an upgraded version of any electrical thing. >> reporter: the largest maintenance project in metro's history. the transit agency said if not on labor day weekend it would be stretched over 150 shutdowns. some riders are not happy about the inconvenience. >> i'm pushed in the corner. what is this safety or three days comfort. my question is can they do it any other way? >> reporter: other riders understand. >> they are going to make it safer and get a lot of work in a small period of time, it is worth the tradeoff. >> reporter: everybody will have to deal with it. >>> metro riders who need a plan "b" can take a free shuttle from the closed stations throughout the labor day weekend. >>> so, the wedding is postponed. it is not going to be happening on labor day. the wedding of michelle rie and kevin johnson has been delayed. johnson used to play for the nba. a statement he released reads in par
and the national transportation safety board are investigating because the incident was very similar to another emergency involving a plane made by the same company just last saturday. >> stay down! stay down! >> in that emergency landing at jfk's airport, the wheels were stuck in the up position. >> brace for impact. >> reporter: the plane's wings dragged along the runway, sending showers of sparks in to the sky. all 64 people on board made it off safely. both planes were from the crj series made by canadian manufacturer b ombardei. they have been involved in six landing gear emergencies in the last five years. they are investigating the incident and said in a statement its crj aircraft have logged more than 22 million takeoff and landing cycles and are "very good and reliable." joel brown, cbs news, washington. >>> howard is keeping an eye on the latest round of storms heading our way. his forecast is next. >>> just starting to rain here in washington. to the south we are seeing more than that. already a half an inch to about that in reedville. look at the radar over the past 12 hours. the ra
found. the national transportation safety board will be coming up today to investigate. they're flying in from seattle. witnesses say that the fl very close to the buildig and that went right into the water. >> at first i heard the engine very loud and and looked outside. as i looked, the wings are already vertical to the ground. it was already nosing over. it was very intent that it was going to crash. and i was not sure if it was going to hit the water/grass. and it was very apparent that it went in, nose first. people swim into this water and some tried to rescue these people despite this is reason contamination with sewage. it is going to be difficult for the recovery. the owner of steel are stilre still, reporting live, >> the first band of rain from hurricane carol. lashing the carolinas and these are from nassau, this covers the entire state of ccalifornia, warnings are up and down the east coast and in kill devil hills >> hammering, and boarding of just hours before hurricane earl is going to slash the eastern seaboard. >> that is just for a debriefing you never know what your
, yeah? >> the national transportation safety board is joining in the search this evening. crews tell us they've been hampered most of the afternoon by among other things, oil that has leaked in the water from the plane. we will continue to bring you up to date on progress in the search mission. we'll have more tonight at 6:00, including what some local residents at redwood shores say they saw and heard this afternoon as the plane went down. reporting live in redwood shores, scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> we will see you at 6:00, scott. thank you. >>> police are working some new angles tonight in an east bay killing spree that has baffled them. five people are dead in a rampage that spanned three cities. the suspect was shot and killed by police. he is one of the dead at this point one man remains missing. we have team coverage tonight. we begin with jodi hernandez live in vallejo where police are having a tough time answering some of the key questions in this case. jodi? >> reporter: police are trying to piece this all together tonight, what i can tell you is that the coroner's of
spotted the bodies. they will not be recovered until investigator with the national transportation safety board get here. he was a bomber pilot who flew 52 combat missions during world war ii. but his flying days were over. >> he was a qualified pilot. he fought in germany and made many raids over germany. and he owned a series of aircraft. he was in hissed 0 ---- in his 90s, however . >> reporter: the employees were in shock. they say they lost a good friend. he still came in every day to the company he built after the war. the faa says finding the cause of the crash could take months. >>> other head lines tonight, firefighters quickly knocked down a small grass fire in east san jose. it broke out about 3:00 this afternoon near mount pleasant. only 5 acres burned. one firefighter injured his arm and had to be taken to the hospital. the cause, this fire still not known. >>> san carlos city council members tonight approved to disban their police department and contract out to the sheriff's department. under this plan, most sworn officers would become sheriff's deputies but some administrat
were dead but have not yet removed the bodies from the wreckage so the national transportation safety board could investigate. the ntsb arrived two hours ago. at this point there is no word on when they phrab to recover the other victims. you can find out more information by going to our home beige on our web site kt -- page on our web site >>> city leaders are deciding when to out source police jobs to the sheriff's office. a meeting is underway right now. we are there with a live report. >> reporter: gasia, the meeting started an hour ago. there is no opposition. a it appears they are close to approving the big change to the police department. san car loss police officers were out this afternoon facilitating the thursday night farmer's market set up. if the city council approves a new agreement tonight the 28,000 residents here could have the same officers patrols the streets and writing tickets however as deputies. >> the oldest ones here are the just the plain silver star. >> reporter: the san car loss police department have been here for 85 years, out sourcing to the
can be removed. >> it will be taken to sacramento and stored until the national transportation safety board arrives. >> reporter: we know based on audio rofrding one of the two engines on the plane was still running when it crashed. the female passenger has now been identified. she's a 47-year-old from daily city. that is a very latest from redwood stores -- shores, vic lee, abc 7 news. >>> thank you, vick those tapes vick mentioned from san carlos airport control tower don't tell us much about why the crash happened but give us insight into what happened after the plane went down. >> this aircraft appeared to go down in the advice any ti of the oracle building. >> the runway is being closed from departures only open for arriveals. we zront a duration of time on that. >> faa says it could take up to a year before they can release information about the suspected cause of the crash. >> there is a 62-year-old helicopter pilot crash landed upside down near salinas then walked away. it landed in southbound lanes of highway 101 just moments after taking off. missing a big rig by just five f
transportation safety board is investigating this crash. all lanes on 101 were reopened. >>> federal investigators work to find out the cause of a small plane to crash into the waters off of redwood cities. the plane plunged into a lagoon yesterday killing three people. the bodies of the pilot and 91- year-old robert vormon, the founder of vormon steel are believed to still be in the plane. the bodies of the pilot's girlfriend was recovered yesterday. the twin engine aircraft rolled sharply as if the engine had failed. >>> for months the golden gate chapter of planned parenthood has faced allegations of mismanagement. christien kafton has the story. >> reporter: take a look, you can see the old name up there, planned parenthood golden gate. now you can see the new name. they are promising the same level of health care after being faced with a lawsuit. the name change became official today. planned parenthood stripped the golden gate chapter for their mismanagement. she's hired accountants and has been working hard to clean up the organization. golden gate the áf health promises to c
. the national transportation safety board is investigating the crash of. >>> in redwood city a salvage crew searched a crashed plane in the lagoon there yesterday. three people died in the crash and two of the bodies are still inside the plane. the federal aviation administration says the plane crashed just 30 seconds after taking off from nearby san paulo airport. >>> a group of boaters stranded are safe this evening after a long night in the water. there boat ran out of gas last night and sending people on board were stranded near the islands. the group had children aged three to mac 24 years old. they could not reach the boaters because of rocks in shallow water but remained on the scene and this morning 18 and a specialized boat was able to rescue seven people and bring them back to shore. no one was hurt. >>> the national planned parenthood organization is parting ways with the bay area's golden gate chapter under the possibility of a federal probe into allegations of financial mismanagement created christien kafton with the manager and he has our report. >> reporter: planned parentho
is information should contact police. >>> the national transportation safety board released findings on the plane crash that killed three. the plane crashed in to a lagoon shortly after takeoff on thursday. the body ofy woman was found shortly after the crash. the bodies of two men were found inside the twin engine beach craft when it was lifted out yesterday. the early investigation failed to pinpoint any obvious cause of the crash. >> a primary investigation has shown everything is present and accounted for. >> the plane had dual control so it's not clear who was piloting. the ntsb expects to release a report in five to ten days. final report will take six to nine months. >>> preventing tragedy on the road. that's what the chp is trying to do this weekend. at the national monument they spent the day inspecting tour bustos make sure they are safe and that the drivers propererly licensed. if there are problem those will take action like issuing citations or they will impound the vehicle. 25 to 30 tour bus was inspected. this effort is part of a state tour bus strike force funded by a federal gr
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